Tungsten Plate

Luxury Modular Floor Covering Collection

Are you looking for eco friendly,stunning,elegant,durable and high tech  floor coverings? Please come in and check one of the best Luxury Modular Floor Covering Collections around.

  • Suitable for commercial/high traffic areas
  • Manufactured with hot high pressure system which results in high quality, very durable and dimensionally stable product
  • 100% pure vinyl, non-recycled
  • Physically & chemically 100% recycable-very low VOC emmision
  • Nice sizes / Realistic & Elegance look / Individual design possibilities
  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • Antistatic
  • Friendly to environment & health
  • High wear, tear, scratch and stain resistance
  • Effective acoustic impact
  • 100% water resistance and suitable for humid environments
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Quick and easy to install, can be applied without glue (Justlay)
  • Extra acoustic performance (Justlay)